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Jennifer Watson, business education major Jennifer Watson

Know me by name
My relationships with faculty have definitely helped me get through college. I never feel discouraged from asking questions or asking for help. They’re willing to help me as much as possible. I like that professors know me by name.

Family away from home
I enjoy having classes with the same people from my major. We’re almost like a little family. I know these peers will be ones to keep in touch with as we venture out into the teaching field.

Valuable resources
All of my courses have tremendously prepared me to be a future business teacher. Each course has given me a better understanding of the material and some insight on how to present that material to my future students. I’ve used career services on campus and recently had a mock interview. I feel more confident now that I’ve used these resources to help prepare me for my future career.

Worthwhile experience
Being involved on campus through Phi Beta Lambda and MO Volunteers has made my college experience worthwhile. I enjoy being a part of a group and being active in the community. It has also helped me to open up to many different people.