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Faculty Profile: Yuankun Yao Yuankun Yao

Teaching field

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Research interests
Portfolio assessment; test reliability and validity; and faculty teaching evaluation.

Scholarly contributions
I have written multiple peer reviewed journal articles on faculty teaching evaluation and test reliability and validity. I’ve also given presentations at international and national conferences for a number of associations. These experiences have helped me stay up-to-date on advances in my field.

Fulfilling career
I got into this profession by chance, when someone asked me to teach a class. I love teaching for its challenge and the satisfaction that it brings to me every day. It’s a fulfilling career, especially when I see students grow and make progress in front of me.

Understanding students’ needs
I particularly like the minute paper activity that I ask my students to do towards the end of class. It lets me know what was both meaningful and confusing for the students that day. The candid and thoughtful comments are very informing for me.

Teach with heart
I’ve learned that students need to learn something useful that they can apply to their career. I try to model these activities in class so students can learn from me. It’s important to provide feedback that’s positive, specific and useful. I’ve also learned that when I teach with my heart, students will listen with interest.