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Graduate Student Assistantships and Scholarships

Several types of graduate assistantships (GA) are available (teaching, laboratory, research, administrative, student affairs).

The compensation for a full-time Graduate Assistant (20 hours per week) is $3,750 per semester or $7,500 for two semesters. Full-time assistants are eligible for a scholarship covering up to 10 hours of graduate-level course work per semester. (The scholarship only covers courses taken for graduate credit)

The minimum qualifications include an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.70. or a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 (in at least 9 hours) if you have previously taken any graduate courses. You must be admitted to a graduate degree program at UCM. These are minimum requirements; meeting them does not guarantee that you will receive an assistantship. The application process is competitive and your selection will depend on how well your qualifications match the duties of the assistantship for which you are applying.

The appointment process includes locating a vacant position, making application for the position, and interviewing for the position. Each department appoints their own graduate assistant(s). A list of GA positions is available on The Graduate School web site.

The application should be sent directly to the appropriate department(s). If you are applying to several departments, you may send your application to The Graduate School and request that it be distributed to the appropriate departments. The application form can be obtained from The Graduate School web site. In addition to the application form, official transcripts must be submitted along with recommendation letters from at least three references.

Graduate Student Scholarships

Graduate and Extended Studies (UCM Foundation)

Scholarships and Awards for Graduate Students