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Mathematics is the science of numbers and patterns. Mathematicians deal with the absolute, using rigorous logical arguments to determine truth. Applied mathematics is central to the development of areas such as biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, physics, etc. In its purest form, abstract mathematics generalizes and expands on previously known mathematics and strives to expand the boundaries of human knowledge. Applied mathematics helps to accurately model the universe in which we live. Pure mathematics is more aesthetic and often independent of the natural and physical world - a creative art form based on logical inductions and deductions.

Whether you are interested in mathematics as a means of understanding the world around you, prefer to ponder abstract notions, or enjoy some of each, the UCM Mathematics Program has a degree for you. Beyond calculus, all students will be introduced to mathematical proofs, discrete mathematics, abstract algebra, and real analysis, the areas that form the foundation of modern mathematics. With a large number of mathematical electives, our programs will prepare you for graduate school in mathematics or another discipline and any one of numerous careers that rely heavily on a thorough understanding of mathematics.

Experienced Faculty

The mathematics faculty are highly qualified and dedicated. Most hold a terminal degree in their field, and are active in their professions either through research and/or continuing professional development.

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About the Programs

Programs Offered


Numerous scholarships are available specifically for mathematical majors. In addition, there are paid opportunities to work as a tutor or teaching assistant. For a full list of scholarships visit

Get Involved!

Explore mathematics outside the classroom by joining a mathematics student organization.  These include:

  • the Missouri Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics honor society
  • a student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America

By participating in these organizations, you will learn from guest speakers, attend regional and national conferences, and participate in state and national mathematics competitions.


Dr. Lianwen Wang
Professor and Program Coordinator
WCM 205B
Tel: 660-543-8870
Fax: 660-543-8013


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