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Department of Criminal Justice

Humphreys Building 300
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4950




Spring Picnic


Wednesday , April 20th, 2016

Come join us in recognizing outstanding students for their achievements and thank all

students by presenting a variety of gifts and door prizes.





Some deadlines are as early as November 15th!
You can find CJ scholarships by referring to the left-side panel of this screen and selecting scholarships.

Other scholarships from the university can be found here.


Faculty Recognition's

Congratulation to Dr. Reddington for receiving the
'Person of Distinction Award' this September from
the Missouri Corrections Association!

Congratulations to Dr. Etter for receiving the
'Curtis Robinson Award' from
the National Gang Crime Research Center this August!

Faculty Presentations

The American Society of Criminology:
70th Annual Meeting
San Francisco, California November 19-22, 2014
Theme:  Criminology at the Intersections of Oppression

Dr. Cho and Dr. Bonham Present:
Analyses of Homicide Rates: A Longitudinal and Geospatial Approach

Dr. Carson and Dr. Brad Bartholomew (AU) Present:
A partial Test of Situational Action Theory: The Role of Immoral Events in Changing the Moral Context

Dr. Chenault and Dr. Matusiak Present:
Participant Perceptions of the Impact of Crime on Victims Class (ICVC)

Dr. Seong min Park (UTC) and Dr. Cho Present:
A Comparative Study of Victimization Immunity and Lifestyle:
Zero-inflated Analysis of Over-dispersed Household Victimizations in England & Wales, South Korea, and United States.

Dr. Randa Matusiak and Dr. Matthew Matusiak (UCF) Present:
Organizational Impact on Employment of Women in Law Enforcement.

Dr. Etter and Dr. Hillary McNeel (UNO) Present:
Juggalos: Music? Religion? Or Criminality? As viewed Through the Labeling Theory.

Dr. Petkovsek, Dr. Brian Boutwell (SLU), Dr. Kevin Bequer (FSU), Dr. JC Barnes (CU) Present:
Re-examining the Soft Drink-Behavior Problem Relationships.

Dr. Urban Presents:
Parenting from Prison Pilot Program: Including Community Partnerships
Perceptions of the Parent/Child Relationship: Incarcerate Mothers vs. Caregivers