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Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies

Indulge your cultural, linguistic and geopolitical curiosity in one of the exciting programs in the Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Central Missouri. Our intensive, multidisciplinary programs will help you build a strong foundation in essential skills and knowledge to prepare you for a broad range of careers.

In the UCM Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies, you will enjoy ample internship and volunteer opportunities to get out in the world beyond the classroom and apply your skills to helping others and experiencing other cultures. 

Mission of the Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies

Modern Language and Interdisciplinary Studies promotes the interchange of ideas within a diverse community on campus. We combine the programs of Language, Gender and Women and Sexuality Studies and Africana Studies, which allow for students to study a wide variety of subjects, crossing over into multiple fields.

Career-focused curriculum

Unlike many programs that train you for specific careers and focus on just a few specialized skills, the programs in the Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies help you develop as a well-rounded agent of change capable of working in nearly any career field. While employers across the country look for different hard skills depending on their industries, certain traits and skills are highly desirable for their candidates. These include critical thinking, flexibility, project management, oral communication, research acumen and intercultural communication. Graduates from our programs are in high demand thanks to their mastery of these skills, as well as their appreciation for the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout the world.


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Interdisciplinary approach

Judicial scales

Committed to social justice

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Distinguished faculty mentors

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Unique internships and service learning

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Exceptional career preparation


Disciplines within the Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies

At the core of the Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies is the belief that our graduates can positively impact the lives of millions with the tools they acquire here. From the sciences to business to humanities, our students enter the job market with more confidence and expertise than most graduates.


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Gender and Sexuality Studies at UCM


Now more than ever, caring and empathetic activists and influencers are needed to create positive change in the world. As the only regional state program that includes sexuality as part of its foundation, we are at the forefront of intersectional teaching and research. The courses in our program are unique in that we replace final exams with projects that involve community outreach and collaboration. Learn the fundamentals of organizing, energizing and mobilizing activists to fight for the rights and voices of others.

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Africana Studies at UCM


We believe that in order to understand the present, we must first dive into the past. Explore the rich history of peoples of African descent. Study the roles they have played in constructing human civilization by analyzing their contributions to literature, music, politics, science, sociology, psychology and much more. With our many campus events and study-abroad opportunities, you can earn credit while making connections and building a strong resume.

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Modern Languages at UCM


Learning a new language can significantly help you stand out to potential employers, especially as companies seek ways to better serve diverse communities and clients across the country and around the world. As a student in the Modern Languages program, you’ll take engaging courses taught by award-winning faculty and native speakers who can help you apply your new language knowledge and skills to a huge range of career fields, including business, law, health care, social work and technology — to name just a few.

At the University of Central Missouri, you’ll become an empathetic global citizen who understands and advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion through every action. The skills you develop and strengthen here will stay with you for the rest of your life, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.


Sawyer-Stevenson Scholarship for International Experiences Endowment

The International Studies and Modern Languages programs at UCM recently received a permanent study abroad scholarship endowment from Dean Michael Sawyer and Dr. Joy Stevenson, both of whom are committed to increasing student opportunities to study abroad. This scholarship will enable full-time students to pursue their academic goals in a foreign country and give them a chance to immerse themselves in a different culture. Your own experience as a student who studied abroad makes you a valuable advocate for the importance of international education. While this new scholarship will help students in both programs to go abroad every year, we would like to increase the number of students we can award annually and therefore ask if you are willing to make a gift to increase the endowment and impact more students.

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