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Dr. Hannah Marsh

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Dr. Marsh is a physical anthropologist, teaching courses that cover the many topics of her subdiscipline, including ANTH 1810 Human Prehistory, ANTH 2845 Physical Anthropology, ANTH 3810 Applied Anthropology, ANTH 4810 Forensic Anthropology, ANTH 2830 Hoax and Myth in Anthropology, and ANTH 3840 Human Variation. She will be introducing Human Evolution and Primate Behavior as new upper level courses in the coming semesters.

Her research focuses on cranial vault thickness in Homo erectus and recent humans, as well as diachronic trends in Homo erectus tooth size variation.

Dr. Marsh participates in public discourse on what the concept of "race" in American society actually means, and highlights how the societal use of this concept has no biological basis. As part of this process, she has delivered her public address "Race and Biology: Why do we look different and what does it all mean?" at various institutions, including Kirkwood Community College, the University of Iowa, Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, IA, and at UCM. This work recently won Second Place in the Mead Competition for New Public Anthropologists, sponsored by Allegra Lab and the open journal Sapiens. 


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