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Computer Science

Gain some of today’s most in-demand career skills and become a part of the technological future by studying computer science. 

At the University of Central Missouri, choosing to pursue a Computer Science program means getting the opportunity to work with industry-grade equipment and software while you learn, gaining practical skills you’ll need for your career. You’ll also get to study with expert faculty whose top priority is training students for success. 

Choose from one of our many Computer Science options

  • Software Development: Master the most widely-used programming languages and gain a deep understanding of the app development lifecycle by specializing in software development. 
  • Computer Science: Gain expertise in every part of computer science, from programming to database management and beyond to become a well-rounded computer scientist. This program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).
  • Computer Networking: Become an expert in designing, building and maintaining the types of computer networks that modern businesses depend on, including cloud architecture.
  • Data Science: Learn how to manage and analyze one of the world’s most valuable resources — data — with an option that covers topics such as big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Game Development: Try your hand at creating your own video games and enter a rapidly growing industry that merges computer science with interactive storytelling.


Computer Science Mission

The mission of the Computer Science program at the University of Central Missouri is to 

  • Provide up-to-date undergraduate and graduate programs which enable students to enrich their knowledge and prepare them for careers in computing profession and/or advanced graduate study;
  • Provide computer-related service courses to enhance student learning and fulfill the needs of the 21st century workforce;
  • Support and encourage the professional development of its faculty in areas of service, leadership roles in professional organizations, scholarly research, and grant writing.
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Dr. Belinda Copus
Chair, Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity
Wilson C. Morris 222C
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, Missouri
Tel: 660-543-4930

College of Health, Science and Technology

Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity



Only Software Engineering BS in MO

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Extensive hands-on learning

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17:1 student-to-faculty ratio

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Facilities are upgraded every 3 years

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ABET-accredited Computer Science option

Find your Computer Science future at UCM

If you want to join a Computer Science program where you’re actually working with computer systems and programming languages — not just talking about them — the University of Central Missouri is for you:

  • Real-world experience: We pride ourselves on our commitment to hands-on learning. Classrooms and labs are equipped with hardware and software that’s upgraded every three years, so you can learn with the same equipment and languages used in the industry.
  • Student activities: Outside of class, you can grow your skills by joining one of UCM’s diverse range of student groups, conducting your own research and more. Take part in competitions to hone your coding skills while you network with future colleagues or get work experience through internships with nearby employers.
  • Faculty support: Through it all, you’ll be supported by faculty whose number one priority is setting you on a path to success.


What can you do with a degree in one of UCM’s Computer Science programs?

Computer Science students at UCM graduate ready for a fulfilling career, with both the technical competencies and the soft skills employers are looking for. Computer science professionals are needed in almost every industry, and many of our graduates join large companies to help them develop and maintain large-scale systems. Earning potential in many computer science careers is high and growing.

Today’s technology-driven business world offers a wide array of lucrative careers in computer science for you to choose from. Some of the fields where UCM Computer Science students find opportunities include:

  • Software engineering
  • Web applications development
  • Full stack development
  • Software development



Program Information

Program Educational Objectives

Computer Science

Within a few years of graduation, a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Have established themselves in successful computer science-focused careers and/or pursuing advanced degrees.
  • Continue to update their professional knowledge and skills to adapt to innovation and change to meet the needs of industry and/or academia.
  • Contribute to the greater good of their communities through professional involvement and service.

Student Outcomes

Computer Science 

Graduates of the program will have an ability to:

  1. Analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.
  2. Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s discipline.
  3. Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  4. Recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.
  5. Function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the program’s discipline.

In addition, students in Computer Science Option will demonstrate the following extra student outcomes:

        6. Apply computer science theory and software development fundamentals to produce computing-based solutions.


Numerous scholarships are available specifically for Computer Science majors.  In addition, there are paid opportunities to work as a tutor or teaching assistant.  For a full list of scholarships, visit

For Entering Freshman

Scholarship Name

Minimum Criteria for Eligibility

Computer Science Achievement Award 1. major in Computer Science
2. ACT >= 23
3. high school GPA 3.5 or higher


1. major in Computer Science or Electronics (preference given to double major)
2. completed 3 units of mathematics and/or computer science in high school
3. ACT >= 23
4. Missouri resident


1. declare a major in the department
2. enroll in at least 12 s.h. each semester at UCM

Software Engineering Achievement Award 1. major in Software Engineering
2. ACT >= 23
3. high school GPA 3.5 or higher


For Current Students

Scholarship Name

Minimum Criteria for Eligibility


1. major in Computer Science
2. ACM member
3. enroll in at least 12 s.h. each semester at UCM


1. second/third year at UCM
2. major in computer science/mathematics
3. GPA >=3.5 (mathematics courses), GPA >= 3.3 (all course)
4. show promise in pursuing post-graduate study
5. demonstrate financial need
Computer Science Achievement Award 1. major in Computer Science
2. GPA 3.2 or higher


1. major in Computer Science
2. enroll in at least 12 s.h. each semester at UCM


1. major in Computer Science or Electronics (preference given to double major)
2. GPA >= 3.0
3. Missouri resident


1. major in the department
2. junior or senior class
3. GPA >= 3.0 in the major
4. enroll in at least 12 s.h. each semester at UCM
Software Engineering Achievement Award 1. major in Software Engineering
2. GPA 3.2 or higher

Computing Facilities

The program has state-of-the-art computing labs to support both instruction and research needs. The main lab for computer science program consists of forty Dell computers running both Linux and Microsoft windows operating systems. Six computer classrooms, with more than thirty computers each, are ideal for upper classes and special lab sessions. Lab computers are upgraded regularly. Three student common areas provide a space for students to collaborate on homework and projects, as well as relax between classes. These rooms are conveniently located near faculty offices to help establish a community of learners.

The program strives to provide our students with the latest technologies. We offer both Windows and Linux platforms so that our students are well-prepared for a career as a software professional under those two leading industry-standard platforms. The program is a member of the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, Oracle Academy and VMWare Academic Program.

Get Involved!

 Explore Computer Science outside the classroom by joining a Computer Science student organization. These include:
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon, an honor society for Computing and Information disciplines, and
  • a student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery
By participating in these organizations, you will learn from guest speakers, attend regional and national conferences, and participate in state and/or national programming

Careers in Computer Science

Computer Science job market is booming. Demand for computer professionals in the United States and Missouri grows faster than universities can produce graduates. U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Software Developer as the No. 5 of the best jobs in America 2022. Many computer related occupations are also on the list. It is not surprising that Kiplinger recently also ranked Computer Science as the No. 1 best college majors for a lucrative career. Glassdoor ranks Data Scientist as the No. 6 of the best job in America 2022. Graduates from computer science programs have long known that CS leads to great jobs and careers.

Here at University of Central Missouri, the job placement of our graduates is excellent. According to the recent report from the Career and Life Design Center at UCM, our computer science students are among the most successful in finding jobs. Our computer science graduates are employed in companies such as Microsoft, Garmin, Amazon, AT&T, Boeing, VMWare, UMB, Commerce Bank, Cerner, DST, Sprint, Mastercard, Hallmark, YRC Worldwide, Honeywell, Mutual of Omaha, All-State, Huber and Associates, Shelter Insurance, AIG, Computer Associates International, Busch, Scottrade, etc.

Finally, money talks! According to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) 2022 salary survey, Computer Science is the highest paid group of majors with an average salary of $75,900 for new college graduates nationwide. The typical average starting salary for UCM computer science graduates is between $65K and $75K in recent years.

Completion Program at Lee's Summit

The school offers completion programs for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Software Development Option and Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering at UCM - Lee's Summit. For more information, please contact Professor Belinda Copus at

UCM Esports

School of Computer Science and Mathematics sponsors the UCM Esports team. For more information, please visit the following link.

UCM Esports


Program Accreditation


The B.S. in Computer Science - Computer Science Option is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data


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