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Computer Science, BS - Game Development Option

Game Development Degree

You play computer games with your friends, maybe even compete in video gaming tournaments, but do you have what it takes to turn your love for games into a career? Game development professionals must be creative, detail-oriented and imaginative to produce virtual environments across multiple platforms. At the University of Central Missouri, we combine a strong computer science foundation with hands-on digital design courses in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a focus on Game Development. 

An HCL-accredited bachelor’s degree that blends computer science and game development

Game development is a team sport. Our profession requires teamwork with those who have expertise in audio, graphics, user interface and more. 

To help you prepare for exciting — and fun — careers in game development, UCM provides you with the tools and techniques needed to succeed. You’ll take what you’ve learned in your game development courses and apply it as you build video games, mobile apps, virtual simulations and websites.

Degrees for game development with online courses

UCM’s Game Development program is primarily in person, but select coursework can be completed online. You can also pursue our bachelor’s in Game Development degree as a full-time or part-time undergraduate student. This flexibility allows you to learn on your own schedule in your own style.

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95% of students land a job or continue their education

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Top 15% best value program

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Rare Game Development degree on campus

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One of largest CS programs in Missouri

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#5 Best Computer Science Degree



What you will study

What makes UCM unique from other gaming development colleges or gaming development schools is that we blend computer science and game development into one comprehensive bachelor’s program. 

Our core classes give you a solid foundation in computer science, including coursework in computer programming, operating systems, software engineering and more. 

Specialized courses you may take include: 

  • Game Programming
  • Game Design
  • Game Development for 2D and 3D Games
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Applications: Programming with Android
  • Client-side and Server-side Web Programming

During your final year, you’ll take the senior project course. In this class, you’ll join your classmates to design, plan, implement, test and launch a development project. This provides you with an opportunity to collaborate with one of our industry partners and put your skills learned in game development courses to work as you tackle a real-world project.


Excellence in Computer Science

  • One of only two: On-campus degrees in Game Development in Missouri.
  • 95%: UCM Game Development degree graduates are employed or in graduate school within six months.
  • Top 15%: Best value college for computer and information sciences (College Factual)
  • #5: Best Computer Science Degrees (


Unique learning opportunities in game development

Unlike gaming development colleges or gaming development schools with online degree programs, the University of Central Missouri prepares you for jobs in game development with first-hand experience in how to make games. Throughout our game development courses, you’ll have ample opportunities to hone your development skills and work with others. Here are a few examples:

  • Develop and expand your game-centric portfolio: You will build a portfolio throughout your game development courses at UCM. A well-developed portfolio is an asset when seeking opportunities to use your game design and development skills. 
  • Competitions with gaming development colleges: Gaming Development majors take part in several computer science competitions each year. For example, our on-campus Game Jams are exclusively for students in Computer Science programs, including those earning Game Development degrees. You can also go head-to-head against gaming development schools in the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) and Code-A-Thons.
  • Internships: Employers want experienced professionals. As part of our Computer Science degrees for Game Development, you can hone your development skills through an internship. You’ll get great resume-boosting experience and college credit. With professional connections and industry partnerships, our undergraduate program has a variety of ways to find the right internship for you.
  • Undergraduate research: Unlike larger gaming development schools, UCM can personalize your experience to make it work for you. Our program faculty know you and your interests, which is helpful as you consider pursuing cutting-edge research in gaming development. Join a faculty-led project or pursue your own interests through independent study.
  • Study abroad: Gaining global perspectives is important as you become a well-rounded professional and person. This is one of many ways UCM’s undergraduate program stands out compared to gaming development colleges and schools. UCM provides study abroad scholarships and grants to students who want to study outside the United States. Our partner schools in France, Germany and the Netherlands offer computer science classes that allow you to earn course credit while becoming a citizen of the world.
  • Esports: School of Computer Science and Mathematics sponsors UCM Esports team. For more information, visit UCM Esports.


What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in Game Development from UCM?

The University of Central Missouri allows you to specialize your Computer Science degree and set you up for countless career paths in the video game industry. As part of our degrees for Game Development, you’ll take courses focused on high-demand skills you’ll need for jobs in game development, such as software design and implementation.

More on jobs in game development

Learn all the ways you can build a career in game development. Check out job outlooks, salary expectations and more using the interactive tool below. 




Financial assistance options for your Game Development degree

As you consider game development colleges, schools and degrees, we understand you’re preparing to make a big investment in your future. The University of Central Missouri strives to offer competitive tuition rates that can help you afford college.

While we offer paid tutoring and teaching assistant opportunities, you can also finance your college education through scholarships for Computer Science and Game Development majors, including:

  • ACM Scholarship
  • Brown Scholarship
  • Computer Science Achievement Award
  • Griffith Scholarship
  • Harmon Scholarship
  • Kennedy Scholarship
  • Moore Scholarship


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Take your degree further.

Learn even more on how to make games, lead a team of game developers and work with other computer science fields with an advanced degree:

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Make yourself more marketable.

Add even more skills that potential employers may value through a UCM minor or certificate:

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Explore programs related to game development.

In addition to the other four options in computer science, you may also be interested in these bachelor’s degree programs at the University of Central Missouri:


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