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Frequently Asked Questions


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When can I enroll?

You are eligible to enroll as soon as you receive a letter saying you are admitted to the program.

How long will it take to complete the M.S. program?

The M.S. programs in Industrial Management and Technology are 33 credit hours. If enrolled as a full-time student, taking 9 credit hours for each Spring and Fall and 3-6 credit hours in Summer, it can take one and half years to complete. It is normal for the students in the program working full-time to enroll in only 3-6 credit hours per semester; they may take 2-3 years for completion. 

What type of background should I have?

The successful applicant should have at least 2 years of work experience in the related fields of industry/business/education/government and also have an appropriate background Bachelor’s degree. Those without this background education or work experience may be required to take some prerequisite courses.

What is the nature of the M.S. Industrial Management online program?

The program provides a balanced curriculum focusing on the human element of the workplace as well as a variety of industrial systems. Specific skills will be developed in the field of leadership, problem solving, and decision-making. The program is delivered online via Internet. Students must be highly self-motivated and goal-oriented with excellent study skills and time management. Instructors will hold virtual class meetings in the evening (5pm, 6pm, and 7pm Central time) to discuss the course materials.

How much is tuition?

For the latest information on tuition and fees, visit

For 2018/2019, the cost of tuition for an on-campus graduate student is $298.50 per credit hour for Missouri residents and $597.00 per credit hour for non-residents (including international students). 2018/19 graduate online and hybrid courses (extended campus) are $348.50 per credit hour. 

Is financial aid available?

Yes, there are several types of financial aid at UCM. The Student Financial Services website is located at . To apply for a Graduate Assistantship, you can read details and download the application form at

How does an online program work?

The Office of Online and Learning Engagement provides detailed information on distance learning. View the FAQ’s about taking an online class at 

What are some job titles for a graduate with an M.S. in Industrial Management?

Graduates from MSIM work in positions such as Project Manager, Engineering Manager, College Professor, Corporate Maintenance and Reliability Manager, Production Manager, Research Assistant, Plant Manager, Business Intelligence, Quality Systems Engineer, Corporate Plant Systems and Controls Manager, Senior Process Improvement Analyst, and Manufacturing Engineer.

What are some job titles for a graduate with an M.S. in Technology?

Graduates from MST work in positions such as Project Manager, Engineering Manager, College Professor, Production Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Networking Administrator, Lean and Cost Control Manager, Senior Project Engineer, Systems Analyst, and as business owners.

How do I apply?

You can apply online at

For international students, please visit the International Center at

What are the website addresses to learn more about the programs and financial aid?

School of Technology:
M.S. Industrial
M.S. Technology:
Student Financial Services: 


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