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SOT Graduate Programs Alumni Spotlight

Sanjay K Reddy

Sanjay K Reddy, Mechanical Engineer – TEGAM Inc.

I still remember many lectures, activities, and assignments from class and implement them at my work place. Skills such as time management, 5S methodologies, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, DMAIC and Root Cause Analysis always come in handy for managing a product life cycle.

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APJ Santosh Kalidindi

APJ Santosh Kalidindi, Manufacturing Engineer – Johnson & Johnson

To me, life is all about learning and being true to whatever you choose to do. Follow your passion and you won't need to define any endpoint goal.

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William C. Schwagerman

William C. Schwagerman,
Facilities Manager – Fike Corporation
Adjunct Instructor – UCM Graduate Programs

My education and experience combined has allowed me the opportunity to teach various courses within the UCM School of Technology for the last three years. I really find joy in this as my career and education has come full circle.

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Douglas C. Wood

Douglas C. Wood,
Instructor and Consultant – DC Wood Consulting, LLC

To be marketable in the field of quality control consulting, first you need a base in an engineering field. An undergraduate degree in some area of engineering is a strong plus, and a master's degree such as the UCM MS in Industrial Management provides a strong specialization.

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George Yiadom-Boakye

George Yiadom-Boakye, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Supervisor – Bayer Animal Health

What I consider as an achievement was the opportunity to work with Dr. Suhansa Rodchua and Dr. Ronald Woolsey on a peer-refereed article published in the Journal of Industrial Technology. I think it is pretty cool when I see my name alongside such great professors in this article.

M.S. Technology, University of Central Missouri
B.S. Biochemistry, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

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Naveen Gajula

Naveen Gajula, Industrial Engineer – Bühler Group Holland, MI

Learn the curriculum. When I started at Bühler, I referred back to assignments from class to apply to issues at work. The information from your classes will come up in the real world. We will save $250,000 in the next two years on the value added efficiencies concept alone.

M.S. Industrial Management, University of Central Missouri

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Jonathan Thurston

Jonathan Thurston, Continuous Improvement Engineer – Milbank Manufacturing

Learning is a continuous journey and you must be able to adjust and be willing to help others find good, sustainable solutions to problems.

M.S. Industrial Management, University of Central Missouri
Lean Six Sigma Graduate Certificate, University of Central Missouri

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Maroua Regragui

Maroua Regragui, Production and Planning Manager – CST Corp. Morocco

Learn languages, be open, be positive, take initiative and never be scared to take on new challenges.

B.S. Industrial Engineering Technology
M.S. Industrial Management
Lean Six Sigma Graduate Certificate

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Shashidhar Solige

Shashidhar Solige, IT Quality Control Advisor

Q: What can current students do to be more marketable?
A: Networking! Networking! Networking! This is the only source in the current situation that can help you in navigating towards a successful career. Be ready to say yes to internships especially. Never say no to any job. These small internships will be the nutrients and minerals that will nourish your growth.

M.S. Technology with Information Technology electives
2017 Robert E Goetz Award Recipient

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Josie Zanti

Josie Zanti, ISO, Safety, and Training Manager; Lead Auditor – Production Castings, Inc.

Don't get too stuck in one area. Branch out to other adjacent areas. Never stop learning.

B.S. Photography
M.S. Industrial Management
Lean Six Sigma Graduate Certificate

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Hema Srikar Kruthiventi

Hema Srikar Kruthiventi, Project Quality Engineer – Valeo Engine Cooling

Starting my professional journey in the field of Quality enabled me to step into every department in my organization and closely monitor all their activities. I believe this is helping me to manage projects better thus taking me towards the field of Project Management. I would like to see myself heading projects in the near future and at the same time pursue higher studies.

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Shawn Bentley placeholder

Shawn Bentley, Program Coordinator/Instructor, UCM Networking Technology Program

My biggest achievement is seeing students graduate and graduate with jobs.

B.S. Electronics Technology
M.S. Technology
Network Security Graduate Certificate
Cisco Trained and Certified

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Manichander Reddy Gundala

Manichander Reddy Gundala, Manufacturing Engineer - New Product Development Team – DClimate

Mani recently returned from a two-month trip to China where he represented his company by leading a partnering manufacturing facility in Shenzhen and visiting various suppliers across several cities.

DClimate provides a wide range of HVAC solutions for commercial trucks. Mani's work includes the design and development of mechanical systems on a wide range of products related to electric APU's, performance testing of functional prototypes, developing manufacturing processes, and analyzing quality issues. He validates products and processes in global supplier networks across countries like China, Italy, and the USA.

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Ken Jurgensmeyer


Ken Jurgensmeyer, Director of Manufacturing Operations – MiTek USA, Inc. Tampa Stamping Plant

Q: What advice would you give to current students to make them marketable and enter your field?
A: Mastering the skills of leadership has greatly enhanced my career. Managing by servant leadership principles by putting the associates first repays dividends far beyond expectations. Empowering the associates with decision making provides ownership and utilizes their skills they provide daily.

Master of Science in Industrial Management, May 2018

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Brian Cazzell

Brian Cazzell, MSIM Graduate

The MSIM degree directly contributed to my career success by widening my options in an extremely lean job market.  I believe my degree from UCM was instrumental in setting me apart from other candidates during my job search.


Hannah Vinson

Hannah Vinson, MST Graduate

M.S. Technology Management is a great program. The faculty really enjoy their positions and help students.

Shoji Nakayama

Dr. Shoji Nakayama, MSIM Graduate

The program allowed viewing manufacturing industry from a wide angle. This is especially important in our discipline (safety), where we must see things from various perspectives and be able to communicate the importance of safety while respecting production. It was a great opportunity to learn about different aspects of industry relevant to manufacturing sector.

Timothy Sterns

Timothy Sterns, MSIM Graduate

I have used this knowledge to further my understanding of management and Lean principles, as my company expands on Lean/cellular manufacturing transitions. The online class delivery system is excellent. It allows people to access and be able to further their educational endeavors along with their careers. I believe this program is a very good experience because it focuses on real issues.

Sophia Scott

Dr. Sophia Scott, MSIM Graduate

My years at UCM are among my best memories. The master and doctoral degrees have contributed to my career success. The internship through the program allowed me to demonstrate superior problem solving and communication skills.

Raghuveer Sharma Kachwal

Raghuveer Sharma Kachwal, MST Graduate

Raghuveer Sharma Kachwal graduated with an M.S. Technology. He maintains the data warehouse and is a systems analyst at Collaborate Solutions.

Robert Norrie

Robert Norrie, MSIM Graduate

M.S. Industrial Management is an excellent program that offers opportunities to excel and grow! Education is a life investment and Industrial Management has great faculty members who will give back more than you expect!

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas, MSIM Graduate

My master's from UCM provided a solid basis for fact-based decision making, economic analysis, and sound management principles that help me in my everyday duties.

Lamees Zuhairi

Lamees Zuhairi, MSIM Graduate

I would like to thank the people who supported me while completing my degree online. Thank you all.

John Burden

John Burden, MSIM Graduate

The program allowed me the skills to develop dynamic and robust business systems. The online delivery allows students who need to enhance computer skills the chance to embrace many computer programs and online tools. The instructors were attentive and flexible in schedules.

Vishal Bhosale

Vishal Bhosale, MST Graduate

MST is a good program...I had a blast thanks to the amazing professors.

Alex Hampton

Alex Hampton, MSIM Graduate

I have learned about the ways to build quality into production and use Lean Six Sigma to continuously improve production. I have also gained critical thinking skills.



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