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Dr. Carol Benton

photo of Carol Benton, PhD




Professor and Program Coordinator, Communication Studies

Carol L. Benton, PhD, teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate relationship courses including: Interpersonal, Nonverbal, Improving Listening Skills, and Family Communication.  Most recently, she has been doing research on system constellation theory and its application to family entanglements, personal stories and secrets.


Ph.D.,   Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Communication

M.A.,     Eastern Michigan University, Theatre Arts

B.A.,      Eastern Michigan University, Speech & Dramatic Arts                  

A.A.,      North Central Michigan College, Liberal Arts


Martin 136P


Teaching Interests/Philosophy

Carol teaches courses in Improving Listening Skills, Interpersonal Communication, Theories of Interpersonal, Family Communication, Nonverbal Communication, and Intro to Communication Studies. In addition, she has taught in the area of Performance Studies (Voice & Body in Performance; Performance of Nondramatic Texts) and Women’s/Gender Studies (Intro to Women’s Studies; Men & Masculinities; Race, Class, & Gender).

Carol is committed to engaging students in self-reflexing personal inquiry.  She does this by encouraging her students to expand their conscious awareness of their own productive and unproductive beliefs and subsequent behaviors.  Then, if desired, change can take place and relationships may be transformed.  Carol is passionate in her desire to help students improve relationships by taking accountability for their communication.   For her, all relationships are a mirror of the relationship we have with our self.

Scholarly and Creative Work

Carol is the author of articles, papers and chapters in books exploring the performance of personal narratives as well as the ethics of public performance of personal & intimate narratives. Carol has also focused on gender and diversity as evidenced by her scholarship on white “privilege” and presentations describing the impact of integrating GLBT issues in the classroom. She has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Speech and Text and Performance Quarterly as well as in state and local journals.  She has presented her research and served in leadership positions at National Communication Association, Central States Communication Association, and the Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri.

Outside Interests

Carol loves photography, traveling, eating out, power shopping, gardening, and deconstructing films, t.v., and popular culture.