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Digital Media Production at UCM

Digital Media Production

Communication Studies at UCM

Communication Studies

MA in Communication at UCM

Master of Arts
in Communication


Applying to Pursue a Communication Degree

All students pursuing degrees in communication-related fields of study must submit an Application for Admission to B.A./B.S. Degree Programs in Communication to be officially accepted as a degree-seeking major of the Department of Communication. Before applying for admission, all communication students are required to complete three non-communication prerequisites and degree-specific departmental pre-admission requirements.

The non-communication prerequisites include successful completion of COMM 1000 Public Speaking, ENGL 1020 Composition I, and ENGL 1030 Composition II.

Each degree program also requires successful completion of two or three degree-specific courses. These courses are referred to as "gateway courses," and a required minimum GPA must be maintained to be admitted to the chosen degree program. Gateway courses for each degree program are identified on the Application for Admission. Minimum GPA requirements are listed in the online catalog.

For more information, please visit the Communication office, Martin Building Room 136 or visit with any Communication faculty member.