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Digital Media Production at UCM

Digital Media Production

Communication Studies at UCM

Communication Studies

MA in Communication at UCM

Master of Arts
in Communication


Hansen-Horn, Dr. Tricia

Martin 132C

B.S. University of Nebraska at Kearney
M.A. University of Central Missouri
Ph.D. Purdue University

Research Areas of Interest:

Public affairs and issues management, organizational communication

Teaching Areas of Interest:

Public relations

Citations for Recent Publications:

1. T. Hansen-Horn. "Perceptions of Graduates' Job Entry Skill & Knowledge: Missouri Area." Published in the STAM Journal, 31. (Fall 2001)

2. T. Hansen-Horn and J. Goodner. "Power Potential vs. Power Delivered." Published in The Kansas City Business Monthly. (Fall 2001)

3. T. Hansen-Horn. "Labor-Public Relations: The Unwritten
Role." In press for the Handbook of Public Relations. R. Heath and G. Vasquez (eds.). Sage. 1999.

4. T. Hansen-Horn and G. Vasquez. "Union Advocacy: Power, Organizing and Change." Published in Communication and Advocacy. J. Hoover (ed.). Westport, Conn.: Quorum Books, 1997.
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