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Digital Media Production at UCM

Digital Media Production

Communication Studies at UCM

Communication Studies

MA in Communication at UCM

Master of Arts
in Communication


Dr. Kuldip Rampal

660- 543-8638

A. Punjab University, India
M.S. Boston University
Ph.D. University of Missouri

Research Areas of Interest:

International press, cross-cultural communication, media regulation, journalism education

Teaching Areas of Interest:

News editorial (print media), international political communication, international press, media ethics, public relations ethics, mass media and society

Citations for Recent Papers:

Widely published in books, international journals, trade magazines and newspapers. Co-authored recent book titled International Afro Mass Media: A Reference Guide Worldwide.

Recent Publication:
1. Rampal, K.R.(2001) Media, Sex, Violence and Drugs in the Global Village. Rowman & Littlefield.

2. Rampal, K.R. "North Atlantic Information 'Soft Power' and North-South News Flow," in Transatlantic Studies . (New York, NY: University Press of America, 2000).