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School of Computer Science and Mathematics

W.C. Morris Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
P:660-543-4930 F:660-543-8013
Dr. Xiaodong Yue, Department Chair

Program FAQ (For International Student)

1. If I do not meet the minimum admission requirements (i.e., GRE score, GPA, etc.), can I still be admitted into the MS in Computer Science program provisionally?

We will review your academic credentials carefully, a provisional admission may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

2. I do not have a BS in Computer Science; can I be admitted into the program?

If you have a undergraduate degree in a technical computing discipline (i.e., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology or Information Systems, etc.), we will consider your application for admission. Students may make up their deficiencies in computer science by completing the required undergraduate background courses if needed.

3. Is WES required for admission? Which WES service should I choose?

Every international applicant needs to submit his/her non-US transcripts to WES for evaluation. Applicant should choose WES Basic Course-by-Course (with GPA & course-levels).

4. Can the GRE requirement be waived?

GRE requirement can be waived if any one of the following can be satisfied

5. Can the TOEFL requirement be waived?

The TOEFL requirement is waived for applicants who have completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours or have earned a bachelor or graduate degree from an accredited college or university in the USA.

6. Can my credits be transferred?

You may be eligible to transfer up to nine graduate credit hours from an accredited college or university. See the Graduate Catalog for details.

7. Can I take classes at the Central Summit Center in Lee's Summit, MO?

Yes. Actually we deliver the whole MS in Computer Science program at Central Summit Center in Lee's Summit, MO.

8. Is there any graduate level computer science course offered during the summer?

Yes. We offer several courses in the summer.

9. Does your program encourage students to pursue internship?

Yes. UCM's vicinity to the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area provides our students with many potential internship and/or full-time job opportunities. Our program encourages students in the MS in Computer Science program to pursue internship. A student may earn academic credit for an internship which counts 3 credit hours as an elective in our Master's program. Actually, a large number of students in our program had internship experience during their study.

10. What kind of research activities are the UCM Computer Science faculty involved in?

Computer Science faculty at UCM are actively engaged in research activities which result in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings publications and externally funded grants. In addition, Computer Science faculty attend and/or present at professional meetings, participate in workshops/seminars in areas related to their specialties and are involved in other related professional activities (e.g. editor of a professional journal, referee for peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, hold an office or being a Fellow or Senior Member in a regional, national or international organization, etc.). Faculty special areas of interest include Wireless Communications and Networking, Database, Operating Systems, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, Computer Graphics, Algorithms, Software Engineering, Scientific Computing and Modeling, Theory of Computation, Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing, and Quantum Computation, etc.

11. What is the career outlook for UCM Computer Science Graduates?

Demand for computer professionals in the United States and Missouri grows faster than universities can produce graduates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed the fastest growing occupations in US that require a Bachelor’s degree or higher through year 2020. Four of the top 15 fastest growing occupations are computer related

The computer-related field is one of the three high-demanded occupational categories in the state of Missouri. These disciplinary areas have been characterized as pivotal for the future of the state. Similar to the national trend, three of the top ten fastest growing occupations in Missouri that requires a Bachelor’s degree or higher are computer related.

Money Magazine recently ranked software architect as the No. 1 of the best jobs in America 2010 . Many computer related occupations are also on the list. In another issue of Money Magazine, it listed SQL database administrators and .NET and Java developers as two of the ten jobs with big demand and good pay. It is not surprised that Fortune Magazine recently also ranked software engineering as one of the hottest college degrees for getting hired. The Wall Street Journal recently ranked Software Engineer and Computer Systems Analyst as the top 3 best jobs in 2010. Graduates from computer science programs have long known that CS leads to great jobs and careers.

So far, our MSCS graduates had excellent placement rate. Our computer science graduates are employed in companies such as Amazon, Cerner, Garmin, J.P. Morgan, Subway, DST, Aflex, Mastercard and many others.

12. I heard that Computer Science is all about theory. It that true?

Definitely no. Computer Science covers every major application areas in computing such as networking, database, operating systems, software engineering, security, etc.. At UCM, we provide application oriented curriculum and training to our students.

13. What employment opportunities are available at UCM? Can I get a Graduate Assistantship?

Please see the Financial Assistance and Employment Opportunities for details.

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