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Voting Information


Throughout the year, the American Democracy Project offers a variety of non-partisan voter mobilization programs. We seek to help campus community members understand and navigate the different rules processes involved in voting including voter registration, absentee voting, voter identification, and polling site location.


The Secretary of State is the election authority for the state and works with county clerks and election boards. On the Secretary’s election website, voters can check to see if they are registered, access the voter registration form and contact information for their county, get a calendar of upcoming election dates, access the absentee ballot request form, and check their polling location.

Click this link for information on voting and absentee ballot information in Missouri.

Vote in Missouri


Voting laws vary by state.  Campus Vote project provides student guides for all 50 states.

Watch this video on how to Vote in Every State. 

Vote in Another State


Warrensburg is in Johnson County and our local election authority is the County Clerk.

Warrensburg Voters

In Missouri, absentee ballots must be notarized before they are returned. There are a variety of offices on campus that have a public notary which can do this including:

  • Keri Busker in the Office of Student Experience and Engagement, Administration Building 214
  • Joyce Lawson in Human Resources, Administration Building 101

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