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UCM offers students 12 Bloomberg terminals

UCM is one of only two public universities in Missouri with 12 Bloomberg terminals.

School of Accountancy

School of Accountancy

International Business

International Business

Economics, Finance and Marketing Programs - University of Central Missouri

What Sets UCM Apart


  • Bloomberg Professional Service is the industry-leading platform for news data, analytical tools and research to make informed investment decisions. UCM is one of two state universities in Missouri to offer students access to 12 terminals with the Bloomberg service. Thanks to the generosity of Donn G. Forbes (Class of '52), students have the opportunity to "learn about making decisions with integrity" through a hands-on and engaged learning environment. The Forbes Center for Financial Services is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology that allows students to perform detailed investment analyses.
  • CFA Institute Research Challenge promotes the best practices in equity research through hands-on mentoring and intensive training in company analysis and presentation skills. UCM students learn from leading industry experts and compete with students from the region’s top finance programs.

  • The Student Managed Investment Fund provides students an invaluable hands-on opportunity to learn equity research, security selection, and portfolio management skills, by managing an investment portfolio worth more than $600,000.


  • UCM Foundation Marketing Project provides an opportunity to work one-on-one with the UCM Foundation’s Board of Directors and marketing and public relations committee to develop marketing initiatives that strengthen donor and alumni engagement.

  • State Farm Marketing and Sales Competition requires students to sell insurance policies to mock buyers with a quote from another major carrier and present an original integrated marketing communication plan.

  • National Collegiate Sales Competition features students from across the nation performing sales presentations. The competition provides an opportunity to network with business executives from major corporations and college professors.

  • American Marketing Association Distinguished Executive is awarded annually to an executive who has made outstanding contributions to the discipline of marketing, as well as to their local community. The recipient addresses students and faculty on their experiences.


  • Students improve problem-solving skills through a variety of real-world problems.

  • Students work side-by-side with faculty on research projects, ranging from environmental aid to valuation of sports teams to investigations of statistical methodologies, along with extensive involvement in professional organizations.

  • Students enter the workplace with presentation skills they obtained from presenting research to faculty and classmates.

  • 83 percent of graduates obtain employment. 17 percent of economics students enroll in graduate or professional school.