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Ann Legreid

Ann Legreid

In addition to serving as a department chair, Professor Emerita of Geography Ann Legreid has led several service education projects throughout her 20-year tenure at UCM.

Among her many projects was the nomination and naming of the Clinton, Missouri Square Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places. She secured a nomination of the swinging bridge in Warsaw, Missouri to the National Register, and her work on the nomination was honored by U.S. Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond in 2006. She also wrote and conducted a number of tourism and consumer surveys for the cities of Warsaw, Warrensburg and Lexington, Missouri.

After beginning her career as a research assistant and visiting professor, Legreid came to UCM in 1988 as assistant professor of geography. She was appointed to associate professor in 1992 and became a full professor of geography in 2997. She became the chair of the Department of Political Science and Geography in 2004 and served in this capacity through departmental restructuring phases over the next three years. During the 2006-2007 academic year, she served as associate dean of the former College of Arts and Sciences.

During her career at UCM, Legreid provided guidance and support to countless students through opportunities that included serving as adviser to Gamma Theta Upsilon Honorary Society and the Geography Club and mentor for the McNair Scholars Program. Her enthusiasm for learning took her to other destinations, including her participation in a National Science Foundation short course on volcanism at the Cascade Mountains of northern California.