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Emeriti - Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get an ID Card?

Visit the Campus ID Office in the Union.

How do I get a parking pass?

Visit Campus Parking Services located in the Public Safety building.  With an Emeriti Parking Permit you can park in any faculty or staff lot. Standard handicap parking space regulations still apply. More information on the parking office can be found here.

What are my dues and where do I pay them

Current dues are $10.00 per year.  New emeriti members do not pay dues the first two years.  Dues can be paid to the Treasurer of the Association whose contact information can be found on the Executive Committee page.

If I'm considering retiring from a faculty position and have informed my department, what would be my best course of action for initiating the process?

Visit Human Resources. More information can be found on the Human Resources Website.

How do I know whether the Emeritus title will apply to me when I retire?

See the Board of Governors Emeriti Policies page for more information. Check with your department chair for more specific information.

What about returning to work? I've heard of some professors returning to teach as Adjunct. What does this mean and how does one go about doing this?

Talk with your school chair about teaching opportunities.

Do I keep my same e-mail address from my tenure?

Retirees will receive continued network and e-mail access if they request designation as "active" from the Office of the Provost and Chief Learning Officer if they are faculty members and the Office of Human Resources if they are staff members. To retain active status, retirees must contact the appropriate office annually.


Am I eligible to use the facilities at the Multipurpose Building or the new Student Recreation and Wellness Center?

The Multipurpose Building is available to the general public at designated hours which can be found on the building’s website.

Emeriti, as well as UCM Retirees not under Emeriti status, are able to use the Student Recreation and Wellness Center at no charge, as long as a valid UCM ID is presented. Hours of Operation can be found on the SRWC's website.

When are the Emeriti Association Officers elected, and for how long?

Emeriti Association Officers are elected at the Fall meetings of the Association of even numbered years. Terms generally last for two years.

I would like to nominate someone for an Association office. How do I do it?

Send an e-mail to the current Emeriti Association President.


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