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Audrey Wright

Audrey Wright

             Teaching at a time when students needed to understand how to succeed in a more globalized society, Audrey Wright used her many personal experiences to help her students prepare for the challenges they will face in the professional world. The professor emerita of curriculum and instruction served CMSU for more than 15 years.

            Wright joined the department of Curriculum and Instruction in 1988. Although she was a busy classroom teacher throughout her tenure at Central Missouri, she was involved in many committees, including serving as chair of the University Curriculum Committee during the development of the University Studies Program. She takes pride in developing the interdisciplinary course, Community, School and Family Connections. She designed, implemented and wrote case studies for the course, and is currently working on a case study book that can be used in the course.

            Wright was involved in many international experiences, which she shared with her students, and is particularly proud of her work in Sweden. It has enabled elementary education majors to study abroad without losing credit hours needed for state certification.

            Wright’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in early childhood and elementary education and a master’s degree in education from Worcester State College in Massachusetts. She also earned a doctorate in education in instructional leadership at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

            In retirement, she plans to work at Worcester, where she will be in charge of the master’s program for school administrators seeing state licensure.