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Carrie Dunson

Carrie L. Dunson

            With a career at CMSU that includes successes inside and outside the classroom, Carrie L. Dunson has devoted 30 years to making the campus an outstanding place to earn an education.

            Dunson retires Aug. 31 as a professor emerita in the Department of Criminal Justice. Although much of her tenure has been spent teaching students within the department, she has held other posts which impacted faculty and staff.  

            Her career at CMSU began in 1975 as an instructor in corrections. Two years later, she was names assistant professor of industrial security, and in 1979 became director of equal opportunity/affirmative action. Serving in this capacity through 1988, she performed duties such as managing the American Disabilities Act regarding students and workers, developing hiring and search committee guidelines for the university, and writing and implementing the institution’s first approved affirmative action plan.

            Beginning in 1988, Dunson served for one year as assistant to the provost, working on special and professional programs. She returned to the Department of Criminal Justice the following year to resume full-time teaching of graduate and undergraduate students. She became an associate professor in 1994, with duties that included teaching as well as supervising honor student projects and advising student club members in the department.

            Throughout her career, she developed management and consulting skills. She was also involved in course development, including an entrepreneurial course for undergraduate and graduate students on family violence..

            Her education includes an associate degree, Metropolitan/Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City; bachelor’s degree, Lincoln University, Jefferson City; master’s degree and education specialist degree, CMSU; and doctorate, University of Missouri-Kansas City.