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Catherine Hodge McCoid

Catherine Hodge McCoid

            Having a fascination for the study of people and civilizations of the past, Dr. Catherine Hodge McCoid spent more than three decades sharing her interest in anthropology with students in the university’s College of Arts and Sciences.

            The professor emeriti joined the university as an assistant professor in 1971, after serving for a year as an adult education teacher at Hickman High School in Columbia. She climbed the faculty ranks at Central and became a full professor, while also developing a reputation as a solid classroom teacher and researcher.

            A prolific writer, Dr. Hodge McCoid contributed numerous articles to prestigious anthropological journals and wrote many papers that were presented at anthropological and sociological meetings across the state and nation. She penned books, including the 1994 work, Carrying Capacities of Nation-States,  which was favorably reviewed in American Anthropologist, the world’s leading anthropological jornal, and Critical Mass: Population, Violence and Inequity, published in 1995.

            Dr. Hodge McCoid earned her bachelor’s degree at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, in 1967 and master’s degree in anthropology in 1969 and doctorate in cultural anthropology in 1971, both at the University of Missouri.