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Charles Gilbert

Charles Gilbert

            As a supervisor of student teachers, Dr. Charles Gilbert spent a lot of time on the road during the past several years helping to ensure his students were well prepared to work in the classroom. Dr. Gilbert has retired as professor emeritus of secondary education after 38 years of service.

            He joined the university in 1962 as coordinator of financial aid, and became social studies supervisor at the laboratory school the following year. When the lab school closed in 1976, he became a full-time faculty member in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

            As a university teacher, he taught a number of education courses including the Foundations class and History of Education. More recently, he taught World Diversity as well as Social Studies and Economics in the Elementary School. He also traveled across Missouri conducting workshops for individuals seeking adult education certification.

            Although his education was briefly interrupted by a stint in the Navy, Dr. Gilbert completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Central and his doctorate at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

            He and his wife, Rosalie, have four children, Lisa, Ellen, Barry, and Darrin.