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David Castaner

David Castaner

            After devoting 32 years to academic service, David Castaner has retired as professor emeritus of botany.

            Castaner came to Central in 1965 as assistant professor of botany. Prior to that, he was a research assistant at Iowa State University.

            His education includes a master’s degree and doctorate in plant pathology from Iowa State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree at City College in New York.

            During his tenure at Central, Castaner was active in several campus activities as well as professional and community organizations. He sponsored activities with Alpha Kappa Lambda, the Biological Club and the Boy Scouts. Castaner was also a member of the American Botanical Society, the American Society of Plant Taxonomists and the American Wildlife Federation.

            His accomplishments include the development of an internationally recognized herbarium with one of the world’s largest carex collections. In addition, Castaner has published several research articles on the flora of Missouri.

            Commenting on his greatest joys as a teacher, Castaner said he took great pride in watching his students develop as the progressed in their education at Central.

            Castaner and his wife Carol have three children, Cheryl, Steve, and Brad. In his retirement, he plans to continue his research and travel.