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Dennis Faulk

Dennis Faulk

            After retiring from Central in December 1998 as professor emeritus of chemistry, Dr. Dennis Faulk is now enjoying life as a resident of Hot Springs, Ark., closer to his boyhood home.

            Dr. Faulk was a full-time faculty member in the Department of Chemistry since his appointment as an assistant professor in 1967. Prior to that, he was a research chemist for Shell Oil Company and a chemist for Gulf Oil Corporation in Texas. After joining Central, he achieved the rank of full professor and at the time of his retirement was serving as department chair.

            Throughout the years, Dr. Faulk taught a variety of chemistry courses and was also a catalyst for establishing an undergraduate research program for all chemistry majors. His virtuosity in the classroom was acknowledged by his colleagues when, during the first year of merit recognition awards, he received the College of Arts and Sciences Award for Outstanding Teaching. Dr. Faulk also played a vital role in helping the department’s chemistry program to earn prestigious accreditation by the American Chemical Society, in addition to working on grant projects that led to new equipment.

             Dr. Faulk earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Central Arkansas, Conway, and his doctorate at the University of Arkansas-Fayette.

            He and his wife, Nancy, have two sons, James Low and John Allen.