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Dorothy Robbins

Dorothy Robbins

Since 1988, Dorothy “Dot” Robbins has shared her passion for teaching foreign language with UCM students, helping them to become better prepared to enter a globalized job market. The Professor Emerita of Modern Languages has retired this year after dedicating 20 years to Central Missouri.

Robbins served the Department of Modern Languages, where she taught all levels of German language, civilization and literature. She came to campus as an assistant professor, but through hard work, climbed the faculty ranks and became a full professor in 1999.

In addition to her work in the campus classroom, Robbins had the opportunity to serve as a guest lecturer or speaker on several occasions overseas, during the spring semester of 1999, she was named a Senior Fulbright Fellow of Applied Linguistics at Tolstoy Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures in Moscow, Russia. She returned to Moscow in 2003-2004 on sabbatical, giving her an opportunity to pursue some of her research interests.

Her scholarly work, over the years, has included research leading to different book projects and articles on Lev Semenovich Vygotsky, considered the father of Russian psychology. Robins’ visits to Russia gave her an opportunity to get to know some of Vygotsky’s family members, which also opened doors for her to learn more about the country’s innovative educational programs, such as the Golden Key school curriculum. Her work also acquainted her with the Russian orphanage Vyschgorod, east of Moscow which she continues to support through her web site and other endeavors.

Robbins’ college education includes a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas; master’s degree from the University of Heidelberg, West Germany; and doctorate from the University of Frankfurt, West Germany.