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Ed Davenport

Ed Davenport

 Beginning his professional career at UCM, Ed Davenport devoted nearly 40 years to educating students in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. He retired this summer as department chair, a position he  filled for approximately 39 years.

 Davenport joined the faculty in 1972, the same year he completed his doctorate in mathematics at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. The pursuit of a mathematics education also took him to the University of North Texas, Denton, where he earned a master’s degree, and West Texas A&M University, Canyon, where he completed his bachelor’s degree.

He takes pride in the progress the mathematics department has made over the past four decades. Such accomplishments include gaining state approval in 1987 to offer an undergraduate major in actuarial science, the only program of its kind supported at a state institution. The first Mathematics Awareness Week was observed at UCM in 1988, and has been followed with more than 20 years of annual banquets to celebrate the importance of this field.

Other accomplishments that took place during Davenport’s tenure include the growth of endowed department scholarships from only three 20 years ago to 22 scholarships currently. The computer science program evolved from a small undergraduate major focusing only on mainframe computing to an ever-changing Bachelor of Science program, and a new and growing Master of Science in Computer Science degree also was created. Twenty of the department’s current 23 faculty members also were hired during Davenport’s tenure.

Davenport has been involved with committee work at the department, college and university levels, including serving 24 years on the College of Arts and Sciences Chairs Council.