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Glenn Petrie

Glenn Petrie

            After a lengthy career in business and industry, Glenn Petrie devoted 14 years to sharing his passion for chemistry with Central Missouri students.

            The professor emeritus of chemistry joined the faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Physics as an instructor in 1992. He whet his appetite for teaching, spending two years as an assistant professor at Ottawa University in the early 1970s, then for about three years as a lecturer at CMSU, beginning in 1989. Petrie became an assistant professor in 1994. His dedication to student learning helped him earn the department’s Chemistry Faculty Member of the Year Award on at least three occasions.

            Prior to beginning work at Central Missouri, Petrie served from 1975-1993 as manager and president of Innes Elevator Mill, Inc, in Warrensburg. He also spent three years, 1972-1975, as a research scientist for the Squibb Institute for Medicine in New Brunswick, N.J.

            Petrie began his higher education by earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1965 at Park College, Parkville. He received a DuPont Teaching Scholarship at the University of Kansas in 1967, and went on to complete his doctorate there two years later. He also studied at Louisiana State University at New Orleans as a postdoctoral research fellow.  

            While at CMSU, Petrie was involved in a variety of service activities, including, most recently serving on the College of Arts and Sciences Dean Search Committee, Center for Teaching and Learning Grant Committee, and Faculty Senate Personnel Policy Committee. He was also a member of the Faculty Senate University Assessment Council Ad Hoc Committee on CMSU’s Policy and Practice Regarding Student Test Scores.