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James Floyd

James Floyd

One of the greatest skills any student can obtain during the pursuit of his or her higher education is the ability to speak in public. As a professor of communication at UCM, James Floyd had an opportunity to teach students about public speaking and help them develop other communication skills
over a period that spanned nearly
40 years.        

The emeriti faculty member taught courses such as Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Advanced Theories of Organizational Communication, Audience Adaptation, and more while serving the university from 1972 to 2011. Floyd came to the university after teaching at Indiana University in Bloomington and at Elkhart High School in Indiana.

Floyd prepared for his college teaching career by earning a bachelor’s degree at Indiana State University, which was followed by a master’s degree and doctorate at Indiana University.

In addition to teaching at UCM, Floyd served in various positions that helped further students’ knowledge of communication, and contributed to their pursuit of advanced degrees. These include six years as director of forensics, six years as director of graduate studies, 15 years as coordinator of the Public Speaking course, and six years as area coordinator of the Bachelor of Science degree program in the communication department.

He was involved in a number of scholarly activities in addition to serving from 2006-2010 as editor of “The International Journal of Listening.” He published a book on “Improving Listening Abilities” in 1998, and collaborated with faculty and other individuals on book projects such as “Business and Professional Communication,” 1992 and 1997; and “Instructors’ Manual for Listening: A Practical Approach,” 1985. Floyd also wrote numerous journal articles that were published nationally and internationally.