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John Emerson

John Emerson

            Dr. John Emerson has retires as professor emeritus f geology at Central after nearly 29 years of service.

            Emerson came to Central as an assistant professor of geology in 1967 after working as a geologist for Pan-American Petroleum Corporation in Denver, Colo. In 1973, he became head of the department of earth science, and returned to full-time teaching as a professor in 1976.

            Devoting much of his career to research and teaching, Emerson was elected to Fellowship in the Geological Society of America in 1984 for his contributions to the Geological Map of Missouri, work in environmental geology, service in the Missouri Geological Association, and for numerous professional papers concerning geology in the state.

            In addition to his work being recognized by peers in professional organizations, in 1981 Emerson contributed color slides and text as the major reference for a documentary film dealing with human use and misuse of American rivers. Throughout his career, he also made numerous professional presentations to geological groups across the country, and has made contributions to research publications and scholarly journals, including Science Magazine.

            Emerson earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and his doctorate at Florida State University, Tallahassee.