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UCM Lee's Summit classes that begin at noon or later and UCM Warrensburg classes that begin at 4 p.m. or later are cancelled Feb. 20 Due to Weather

UCM Lee's Summit classes that begin at noon or later, and UCM Warrensburg classes that begin at 4 p.m. or later, are cancelled.    |     More information »»

Kathleen Morrill

Kathleen Morrill

The daughter of an Air Force veteran, Kathleen Morrill also married a military man shortly after graduating from Warrensburg High School in 1967. The couple moved across the country for about a decade, then she returned to Warrensburg in 1977 and soon began a career at UCM that would last for 36 years. Morrill’s first job on campus was at Ellis Dining Hall, then at Hout-Hosey Residence Hall, where she served as a P.M. cook, making sure the evening meals were prepared for hundreds of students living in the residence hall system.

She transferred to the physical plant in late 1979, and became a custodian, playing a vital role in helping to maintain a quality living, learning, and working environment for thousands of students and employees at UCM. After her job change, the custodian emerita initially worked in the Elliott Student Union, then Nattinger-Bradshaw Hall. She went on to work in other residence halls and facilities across campus before she retired July 31, 2014 from her job in South Yeater Hall. Morrill wasn’t the first person in her family to serve UCM. After her father retired from the Air Force, he eventually took a job with the physical plant as a painter, and her mother worked as a custodian in the Administration Building.

Morrill said she is grateful for the 36 years she spent at UCM, and the people she got to know during her service to the university. She appreciated having a job close to home that also gave her the opportunity to help raise and stay close to her four children. In retirement, she looks forward to life on nine acres outside of Warrensburg, and more time to enjoy one of her favorite pastimes – reading.