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Margaret Kantz

Margaret (Peggy) Kantz

Peggy Kantz Photo

Proving that education can be a lifelong pursuit, Peggy Kantz  looks forward to taking courses in art, working up to painting classes, and pursuing the Teaching English as a Second Language credential during her retirement. The professor emerita of English officially retires Sept. 1 from UCM after devoting 21 years to students on this campus.

Kantz  joined the university faculty at the beginning of the fall semester 1989 as an untenured assistant professor of English and was later promoted to associate professor. During her tenure, she taught three courses of freshman English, both of the American Literature survey courses, as well as World Literature, and two English education courses – Composition and Evaluation and Advanced Rhetoric.

She worked hard to make changes in the Composition and Evaluation course to keep it up to date not only with changes in state policy, for example with portfolios and state standards, but also with changes in national professional methods and standards. She takes great pride in having managed to enact in her literature and composition classes almost all of the philosophy and methods that she advocated and demonstrated in the two English education classes that she taught.

In addition to teaching hundreds of students in the Department of English and Philosophy, Kantz served as director of Writing Across the Curriculum, and was on Faculty Senate committees for curriculum, general education, assessment, and elections. She served for five years as the secretary for the Missouri Philological Association, was an advisor to English majors who wrote senior theses, and advised a McNair Scholar.

Her college degrees include a doctorate in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University, master’s degree in education from the University of Rochester, master’s degree in English from Ohio University, and bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Arizona.