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Richard Foster

Richard D. Foster

            Having many different roles, Dr. Richard D. Foster demonstrated both skill and versatility during the 22 years he served the university. He has retired as associate dean emeritus for entrepreneurial studies and development.

            Dr. Foster most recently served as special assistant to the dean-economic development for the Harmon College of Business Administration. He came to the university in 1981 as an assistant professor of business administration and became an associate professor in 1983. Along with his faculty status, he held positions such as director for the Center for Technology and Small Business, assistant provost for Academic and Technological Services, associate vice president for Academic Affairs/Academic Enrollment and Support Services, associate vice president for Academic Affairs and Technology/Outreach Programs and Services, associate provost for Outreach and Statewide Mission, and executive director of Technology Innovations and Application. Prior to his most recent post, he served as associate dean of HCBA.

            Dr. Foster has been instrumental in many grant-writing projects, with awards totaling over $4 million during his tenure. These grants range from short-term consulting for a small company to multi-year training for the Saudi Arabian government.

            His higher education includes a master’s degree in marketing education from Central, bachelor’s degree in marketing from Southern Illinois University, and an education doctorate from the University of Missouri.