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Richard Tabor

Richard Tabor

            A former recipient of the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award, Dr. Richard L. Tabor had an outstanding record of teaching, scholarly research, and campus service during the 27 years he served the university. He has retired as professor emeritus of agriculture.

            After working for the Atomic Energy Commission in Oak Ridge, Tenn., Dr. Tabor joined Central in 1973. He taught a wide range of courses in both agriculture and science as well as sponsored a number of collegiate clubs and groups. He also provided leadership for the agriculture department as its chair for 19 years. Under his direction, the department established its Writing Across the Curriculum program, which was used as a model for other campus departments.

            Having a strong interest in research, Dr. Tabor’s projects have ranged from studying bomb fallout isotopes while at Oak Ridge to radon gas and irradiated foods research while a faculty member at Central. Such efforts caught the attention of editors at scientific journals and in the mainstream press.

            Dr. Tabor earned his bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston; master’s degree at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb and doctorate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

            He and his wife, Brenda, have one daughter, Laura.