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Roy Schache

Roy Schache

Roy Schache came to UCM professionally in 1984 having learned from vast experiences such as operating and managing a saw mill in Australia and being involved in construction management in New Guinea. The professor emeritus of construction management dedicated nearly 23 years to serving the university campus before his recent retirement.

Schache is a UCM alumnus who gained preparation for his professional career by earning three degrees from Central Missouri. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1983, followed by a master’s degree in 1985, and an Education Specialist degree in 1995.

As part of the faculty in the College of Science and Technology, he served as program coordinator for the Construction Management Program. His expertise in this area has helped many students obtain the know-how they need to successfully manage a construction project from beginning to end.

His students learned how to manage the construction process through courses he taught such as Seminar for Construction Management, Mechanics of Materials, Surveying and Building Layout, Construction Management, Building Structures, Scheduling for Manufacturing and Construction, and Computer Scheduling and Project Control. Schache achieved the rank of associate professor while at UCM. His research and special interest areas often covered topics related to his coursework.

Throughout his professional career, Schache belonged to organizations such as the National Association of Industrial Technology, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education, Associated Schools of Construction and American Council for Construction Education.