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Saeed Akhtar

M. Saeed Akhtar

            Now enjoying the Florida sun as a resident of Orlando, M. Saeed Akhtar dedicated 25 years of his life to helping prepare Central Missouri students for professional careers. He has retired as professor emeritus of industrial technology.

            While at Central Missouri, Akhtar served the Department of Industrial Technology, teaching courses such as Material Testing, Materials for Manufacturing and Construction, Applied Computer Technology and International Technology Management.

            Akhtar came to the United States to pursue teaching after studying at two institutions in Pakistan. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Demont Morancy College, Sargodha, and completed a master’s degree in education at Punjab University, Lahore. He furthered his education at Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind., where he earned a Ph.D.

            In addition to his work in the classroom, Akhtar was involved in numerous scholarly endeavors. He wrote research papers covering issues related to industrial management and using the Internet to deliver graduate level courses in technology. He also made presentations before professional groups such as the National Association for Industrial Technology, the premier association for promotion of industrial technology in business, education and government.

            Akhtar found ways to use his expertise outside of academia. One such project involved Hawker Energy Products in Warrensburg, where he conducted tests on lead acid batteries. He also used his knowledge and skills in areas such as plastics, ceramics, and computers to write a proposal for a Minority Faculty Development Fellowship Program, which was funded.