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Shing So

A faculty member who received honors such as the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award, the top award for faculty, Shing So came to UCM in 1983 to pursue a career teaching mathematics. From instructor, he climbed the faculty ranks to become a full professor while teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and general studies courses in mathematics.

Throughout his long career, the professor emeritus of mathematics taught classes on Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Contemporary Mathematics, College Trigonometry, College Geometry, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Topology I and II, and many more.


So has been active outside the classroom, serving UCM through committee work at the department, college and university levels. His participation included the Faculty Grievance Committee, Graduate Council, Charter Schools Review Committee, Merit Pay Conference Committee, International Affairs Committee, Human Subjects Committee, Traffic Review Board and University Scholarships and Awards Advisory Committee, just to name a few. He also participated as a member and alternate to the Faculty Senate and has service as a member of the Faculty Senate's Executive Committee. He is a former chair of the Library Advisory Committee.

So kept current in his field through research and his participation in professional organizations. Since 2002, he served as coordinating editor of the "Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences." He also has served as solution editor for the "College Mathematics Journal," was associate editor for three other publications, and referee for at least six journals all related to mathematics.

In addition to teaching, So served as the Missouri director of the American Mathematics Competition and is a former chair of the Mathematical Association of America – Missouri Section.

So earned his Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Master of Science degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Master of Arts at Truman State University in Kirksville, all in mathematics. He also studied math at Hong Kong Baptist College.