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Stanley Killingbeck

Stanley Killingbeck

            During his nearly 32 years of service to Central, Stanley Killingbeck worked with many students who have gone on to successful careers in industry and research. He retired this year as professor emeritus of chemistry.

            Killingbeck joined the university in 1962 as an assistant professor of chemistry. He was promoted to associate professor in 1970.

            Killingbeck came to the university after working in the chemical industry in the United Kingdom. He was employed with Imperial Chemical Industries from 1952 to 1954, and had served for four years prior to that with Walpamur Paint Company, also in the United Kingdom.

            The long-time chemistry professor earned his college education in England and the United States. He received his bachelor of science degree from Blackburn Technical College, Blackburn, England; his master of science degree from Cornell University, New York; and his doctoral degree from the University of Kansas, Lawrence.

            In addition to his teaching duties, Killingbeck was a member of the Community Teachers Association.