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Terry Goodman

Terry Goodman

 After spending years helping students to understand difficult mathematics concepts, Terry Goodman will enjoy being a great-grandfather while having more time to spend with his  family.

Goodman began his career in education in the Waco, Texas public schools in 1972, and joined UCM in 1977. That same year he completed his doctorate in mathematics education at the University of Texas-Austin. His college education also included earning master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mathematics from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

While at UCM, Goodman regularly taught a number of courses in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science that helped prepare students who are entering the teaching field. Among them were classes such as Concepts and Methods in Elementary School Mathematics, Concepts and Methods in Middle School Mathematics, Algebraic Concepts for Teachers, Probability and Statistics for Middle/High School Mathematics and more.

The professor emeritus of mathematics education takes pride in having been a part of projects that furthered the study of math among young people. Among his accomplishments, Goodman was the co-principal investigator for the Missouri Elementary, Middle Grade, and Secondary Mathematics Leadership Academies, made possible by grants funded through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Goodman’s commitment to educating UCM students was recognized by his peers through nominations for two prestigious faculty honors. He is a former recipient of the top faculty honor, the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award, and also received the Governor’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

In addition to his work in the classroom, Goodman was engaged in numerous scholarly activities and was involved in a number of campus committees. This includes chairing the Department of Chemistry Chair Search Committee and the College of Science and Technology Promotion and Tenure Guidelines Committee, just to name a couple.