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Yvonne Johnson

Yvonne Johnson

Before retiring as Professor Emeriti of History, Yvonne Johnson enjoyed a 13-year teaching career at UCM that included, in recent years, two prestigious faculty accolades.

Recognized in part for her valuable and innovative contributions to the academic community, she was selected by the university to receive the 2004 Missouri Governor’s Excellence in Teaching Award. She was recognized two years later with the highest honor given to university educators, the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award.

This dedicated teacher joined the Department of History and Anthropology in 1994 as an assistant professor, teaching a number of undergraduate history courses as well as specialty courses such as African American History; Race, Class and Gender; and The Jazz Age and the Great Depression. She co-founded the Africana Studies minor program at UCM, and was responsible for designing and implementing a team-taught course that serves as the entry course into that program. A new graduate certificate in Women’s Studies is also available due to her creativity.

On her way to becoming a full professor, she engaged in numerous scholarly endeavors, including writing a book, The Voices of African American Women, and contributing research to numerous professional journals. Johnson also garnered a wealth of international experience, which she shared with her students, from places such as Britain, West Africa, and The Netherlands. During the spring 2007 semester, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to be a guest lecturer at Envila Women’s Institute in Minsk, Belarus.

Johnson’s college education includes a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Arkansas, master’s degree from the University of Colorado, and doctorate from the University of Texas at Dallas.