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AAFCS Accreditation Program

The University of Central Missouri Family and Consumer Sciences Unit is identified as two separate and self-sustaining programs that are housed in different departments and colleges within the university setting. The Fashion and Apparel Merchandising (FAME) program is located in the College of Science and Technology and the School of Technology (SOT). The Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCSE) program is located in the College of Education (COE) and the Department of Middle, Secondary, and Adult Education (MSAE). While the two programs are separate entities, they are integrated with required courses taken by all students completing degrees. A broader and more encompassing message is the philosophical view that both programs support the concept of preparing individuals and families for successful personal and professional lives.


The Unit mission seeks to provide an educational foundation that integrates the discipline’s Body of Knowledge and prepares learners for the 21st century global arena.


Unit Mission Statement

The Family and Consumer Sciences Unit  promotes an enriched lifestyle for individuals and families by preparing them to become better citizens within the community and global society.  The framework for these programs is structured to promote lifelong learning through leadership, scholarship and service.  Students are encouraged to be caring and compassionate individuals in a diverse and sustainable environment that recognizes behavioral and technological changes evolving over the lifespan.


The Unit Goals seek to

  • create an all-inclusive, high-quality educational environment that includes rigorous relevant curricula and enhances the Unit’s mission, goals, and integrates the Body of Knowledge.

  • engage faculty and students in leadership, scholarship, and service opportunities that best prepares them to be confident and competent professionals.

  • provide technology-centered learning environments that best meets students’ workforce needs in a 21st century global community.

  • provide opportunities to advocate sustainable practices that change environmental behavior in a culturally-diverse market.


FAME Mission Statement

The UCM Fashion program integrates the knowledge and skills needed for students to be career leaders in a diverse market at the state, national, and global levels.


 FAME Program Goals

A major in Fashion:  Textiles and Clothing in Business will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge that facilitates the development, production, promotion and sale of soft goods.

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively in both individual and team settings in a creative environment.

  • Demonstrate professional qualities that are socially, ethically and responsibly moral in a diverse society.

  • Use technology to create and present materials, organize and analyze data.

  • Demonstrate awareness of constant changes within the global fashion market and the need for sustainable materials in textile products.

  • Interact effectively with co-workers, supervisors and customers to solve problems that lead to effective management and leadership.


FCSE Program Goals

  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for entry level teaching in Family Consumer Sciences.

  • Demonstrate content knowledge in Family Consumer Sciences.

  • Demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge of technology, research, problem solving, creative & critical thinking, and communication skills within the teaching profession.

  • Display professionalism within the FCS profession through participation in career related opportunities and an FCS related organization.

Public Reporting of Student Achievement Data
AAFCS FCSE/Fashion - University of Central Missouri

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