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UCM is your partner in student success.

College is a time when students learn greater responsibility, and we encourage parents and family members to take an informed, supportive role in their student’s educational success. To that end, we have several ways you can stay in touch with campus and contact us with any questions or issues your student may be having.


Family Academic Support Team (F.A.S.T.)

FAST provides a comprehensive support system for families, empowering them to become more effective partners who are actively engaged in their student’s academic success at UCM.As your questions emerge, whether from your UCM student or from your own curiosity, and you aren’t sure who to ask, send your question(s) to the FAST Team:  The FAST team administrator will quickly act to get the right FAST Team members involved so you can get your answers . . . FAST!

Family Newsletter

The family e-newsletter is sent by University of Central Missouri to the parents of current students who have provided the University their contact information. Newsletters are sent from August through May each year and include important topics to help parents support their student, campus happenings, and UCM news. If you have a student currently enrolled at UCM and are not receiving it SIGN UP TODAY!

Receive Notifications

Social media is a great way to ensure your student never misses a date or deadline at UCM. Connect on Facebook and Twitter with the UCM Office of the Registrar to receive the most up-to-date information. You may also sign up to receive text alerts through UCM Text Caster.


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