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Contact the Office of Student Financial Services

Office Directory

Student Accounts & Loans

Rhonda Stangel

Director, Student Accounts and Loans

Teresa White 

Assistant Director

Rhonda Spencer 

Student Financial Resource Assistant

Cassandra Droz

Student Financial Resource Assistant

Monica Murrell

Student Financial Resource Assistant

Financial Assistance

Tony Lubbers 

Director, Financial Assistance
(660) 543-8266

Charissa Davis

Assistant Director, Financial Assistance
(660) 543-8266

Julie Brooks 

Financial Aid Coordinator, Loans
(660) 543-8266

Laura Riggs 

Financial Aid Coordinator, Institutional & Foundation Programs
(660) 543-8266


Justin Womack 

Financial Aid Coordinator, Federal/State Programs

(660) 543-8266

Find My Financial Aid Counselor


Financial Aid Counselors are located in Ward Edwards, Suite 1100 during regular office hours.  Appointments are not required; a financial aid counselor is available at all times to assist you with your needs.

Please choose the first letter of your last name to find the contact information for your financial aid counselor.

A - Eh

Madeline Schafer

You may email Madeline at

Ei - Lao

Laura Yancey

You may email Laura at

Lap - Robe

Christy Lyons

You may email Christy at

Robi - Z

Molly Espey

You may email Molly at



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