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Online Application Instructions


1.) Access the link

2.) Sign up to create an account
• Click the ‘sign up’ button on the top right corner of the webpage
• On the ‘welcome’ page, enter your UCM student email address and password
- If you have not received your UCM student email address, sign in using the email address you provided on your admissions application.
- If your email is not recognized by the system, contact
- If you are an incoming freshman and have taken dual credit through UCM you have an active UCM email address, which is the one you must use. Log on to MyCentral with your student 700 number and password to find that email if you no longer have that information.
• Click the ‘sign up’ button at the top right corner of the webpage
• Upon signing up, you will receive a confirmation email to ensure your identity - If not in your inbox, check your spam folder.
• Once you have confirmed your account (by clicking the link in your confirmation email) you can begin accessing your account - If you have not received an invitation email confirming your account, or can’t remember your password, click the ‘trouble signing in?’ link in the bottom left corner of the ‘sign up’ page

3.) Accessing the System
• The link you received in your confirmation email will direct you to the ‘general application’ used to set up your account.
• Here, you will enter information about yourself in the required fields.
• It is helpful to have a list of your extracurricular activities ready to list on your application.
• Once you move past the ‘general application’ you will need to attach the most recent copy of your unofficial transcript - If you do not know how to attach your current transcript, continue on to the next page

4.) Attaching a copy of your unofficial transcript

For UCM Students

• Log into MyCentral with your student 700 number and password.
• Once logged on, click the ‘Student Services’ tab.
• On the right side of the ‘Student Services’ page, under ‘UCM Student Records’ click the link ‘unofficial transcript.’
• On the next page, under ‘transcript level’ select ‘all levels’ and hit submit.
• The next page shown is your unofficial transcript, highlight the page (right click, and select all), copy it (Ctrl-C), and paste it (Ctrl-V) into a word document.
• Save the document where you can remember to find it and upload it to your ‘general application.’

For Incoming Freshman

• Please attach your 7th semester transcript to your application. If you have dual credit from another institution, please attach that transcript as well. Reminder: only save transcript as a word document or PDF.

For Transfer Students

• Please attach your latest unofficial transcript from your current school. Also, include any transcripts from other institutions where you have received college credit.

5.) Reviewing Scholarship Opportunities
• Once you have completed your ‘general application’ you will be able to access and apply for scholarships.
• MoCents will automatically apply you to scholarships you may qualify for based on your general application. For example, if the scholarship criteria required a math major with a 3.0 grade point average, and you meet those qualifications, your application will automatically be considered. You do not have to do any further action concerning that scholarship.
• However, students may have “recommended opportunities” that they could qualify for based on their answers on the general application.
• Keep in mind, these scholarships may require you to answer further questions, write additional essays, or provide letters of reference in order to be considered for the scholarship.
• Please review these requirements carefully. If you answer ‘no’ to a qualifying question, you are probably not eligible for that scholarship.


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