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Gateway Advising and Major Exploration Center

Dockery 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4721

Exploring Majors and Counseling

Deciding on your Major and Career path? 
Your Career Counselor will help you “put the pieces together”


Deciding on your major can be a “puzzling” experience, but you don’t have to do it alone!  Our experienced and credentialed Career Counselors will help you explore your options, narrow your focus, and develop a plan ... in other words, we’ll help you put all the pieces together! Make an appointment by calling or stopping by the Gateway Center, 660-543-4721, Dockery 203.

Our Open Option program ensures you are progressing toward graduation while you actively explore your major options. We have numerous resources available to assist you in your major decision-making process. For detailed information about the Open Option program, see your UCM Course Catalog, or contact the Gateway Center.

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Career Development Plan Checklists


your complete guide to practical academic and career options
and informational resources for every UCM major

Major & Career Exploration: Assessments

Your Career Counselor utilizes today’s most valid and reliable career assessments to assist you in an individualized process of self-discovery and career exploration. Each assessment offers a clue, an important puzzle piece. By working in partnership with your Career Counselor to assemble those pieces, you will discover the “Big Picture” of the best academic and career path for you as a unique individual.
Assessments and counseling assist with your self-discovery – for the comprehensive and accurate picture, you need to learn about your major options and the career opportunities they present. Your Career Counselor will provide additional resources such as referrals for Informational Interviews, Job Shadow experiences, and on-line major and career research tools.

Your Personality

Personality Assessment
You will come to discover how you most prefer to function in the workplace and in life through learning about your Personality Type.

Your Interests
Interest Assessment
You will gain an understanding of the work activities in which you are most (and least) interested by completing an Interest Assessment.
Your Values

Career Values Assessment
You can explore, define, and prioritize your personal value system as it relates to potential major and career choices.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSAs)
Other important pieces include Knowledge, Skills and Aptitudes, or "KSAs" ...   What do you know and are good at, and what do you still most want to learn and develop?
Informational Interviews
Informational Interviews
Your Career Counselor can provide referrals for you to meet face-to-face with faculty, professionals, and/or Career Development Coordinators to gain in-depth knowledge about major and career options.
Job Shadow
Job Shadowing
Job shadowing offers you the opportunity to meet and observe a professional working in a career you’re considering. Whether for a couple hours or for a full-day, a job shadow experience allows you to “test the waters” in a particular work environment as well as expand your professional network.