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Gateway Advising and Major Exploration Center

Dockery 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4721

exploring college majors and careers

Exploring Majors and Careers Course

So, you’re not sure about what you want to do with the rest of your life? Enroll in "Exploring Majors and Careers"!

Exploring Majors and Careers (AE1410) is a one-credit hour student-development elective course designed to introduce you to a wide range of college majors and career options. Special emphasis is given to an exploration of self through the use of career assessments and individual career counseling sessions, as well as individual and group activities, discussions, and interviews specifically designed to expose you to, and educate you about, career options and the academic programs that lead to those options.AE1410 is open to any student, whether you have yet to declare a major, or are in a major but are questioning your continuation in that program. In addition, AE1410 is an eight-week course which is offered four times per academic year. 

First-semester freshmen who are considering this course are strongly encouraged to also enroll in Freshman Seminar (AE1400). This one-credit hour student-development elective course introduces you to university academics and campus life as a whole. You are taught about university services and resources, and you learn how to develop academic skills and build effective relationships. You learn effective time, money, and stress management skills and are taught how to set meaningful goals for yourself as a college student. Some sections of AE1410 are linked with AE1400 through Exploring Majors Learning Communities. Freshman Seminars and Learning Communities are open only to first-semester freshmen.

Will this class really help? Here are some highlights:

To enroll in AE1410 Exploring Majors and Careers, contact your Academic Advisor.

NOTE:  It is important to understand the Open Option program is not designed to be a long-term academic status or program.  It is designed to be a bridge between being unsure and confidently deciding on an academic program.  At UCM, we are committed to helping every student make continuous and steady progress toward graduation, and to successfully graduate in a program best suited to him/her as an individual.  To that end, the following rules apply to individuals who choose to be Open Option students:

For more information about the Open Option Program at UCM, or to make an appointment with a Career Counselor, contact the Gateway Advising & Major Exploration Center (Dockery 203, 660-543-4721).