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Geography Program

Humphreys Building, Room 223
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8085


Message from the Program Coordinator

KeshavMessage from the Program Coordinator

As the Program Coordinator of Geography, I have been given a rare and exciting opportunity to serve the College of Health, Science and Technology. June 19, 2009 College retreat provided very stimulating ideas and challenges to serve in this capacity and to show some differences in the department.

Our major focus will be on excellence in research and instructions within key subfields of geography. The key subfields of our department are geographic information science (GIS), sustainable development, human-environment interactions, land use and land cover changes, urban geography, soils geography, conservation geography, Holocene climate change, Aeolian geomorphology, and the Great Plains.  In the subfield of GIS, particular emphasis will be given to remote sensing, statistical and numerical modeling, customizing ArcGIS to facilitate its uses in social sciences, the application of GIS to conservation, health, aviation, communications, and crime mapping. GIS and remote sensing have been the major focus both at undergraduate and GIS Graduate Certificate levels. Within the sustainable development, the emphasis is on sustainable aspects of energy, health, agriculture, and forestry.  In human-environment interactions, our focuses are on cultural, political, and peasant ecology using GIS and remote sensing.  We also focus on transportation, economic geography, regional development, urban-economic restructuring, globalization, and geography of tourism and terrorism including military geography.  We strongly believe that quality education is not possible without high scholarly publications and presentations to various conferences. Scholarly publications and quality teaching will deserve topmost respect.  We always put our students first and provide them quality services while maintaining high quality research. Our faculty member keep themselves most current with the state-of-the-art facilities and resources which our university has provided.  We maintain Center for Spatial Data Analysis with recent software and printing facilities and have the US Map Depository.

We are fortunate to have many alumni and departmental friends that continue to be a part of our professional and personal lives.  We continue to connect with our alumni and friends through our annual departmental awards for undergraduates, annual news letter, board meeting, and open house meetings.  The undergraduate awards that are generally given in April, have been made possible by many generous contributions to the department by many well wishers dating back to the establishment of the geography discipline at this university. We welcome general-fund donations with the aim of creating excellence in teaching and research awards to faculty and undergraduate research awards to students.  If you would like to contribute to geographic education, please feel free to contact us directly or you may contact the University Development Office. 

I invite you all to visit the department, see the facilities, get to know the dedicated faculty, and investigate the many career opportunities available to students interested in geography and geography-related disciplines.  We pride ourselves on our open-door policy and one-on-one advising.  I welcome you to the University of Central Missouri and offer you best wishes for a rewarding university experience! 

With warm regards!

Keshav Bhattarai, Ph.D.
Professor/ Program Coordinator
Geography Program
Phone: 660-543-8805