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Geography Program

Humphreys Building, Room 223
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8085


Archive of Geography Lectures and Special Events

Special Lectures and Events


Dr. Richard A. Marston, University Distinguished Professor and Head, Department of Geography at Kansas State University
Hibdon Honorary Lecture: "Land, Life, and Environmental Change in the Himalaya"


Dr. P.P. Karan, Professor of Geography at the University of Kentucky
Hibdon Honorary Lecture: "Japan in the 21st Century"

Vincent Virga
"Why is Europe a Continent?"


Kara Dempsey, Graduate Student at UW-Madison
Hibdon Honorary Lecture in Geography

Tiffany Patterson, State Preservation Officer, Jefferson City, MO
"Preservation Matters"


Dr. Paul Rollinson, Missouri State University. 
"Rural  Homelessness" and "Turkey at the Crossroads."

Dr. Ann Legreid, UCM
"A History of Geography at Central Missouri"

Dr. Darlene Budd, UCM
"The Remilitarization of Japan?"


The Geography Faculty, UCM.
"The Power and Pleasure of Maps"
Ellis Wall Map and Globe Dedication


Michael Pretes, UCM
"Pacific Islands in a Globalized World"

Dr. James Aber, Emporia State University
"Applications of Kite and Blimp Aerial Photography"

Randy Vick, UN Law Enforcement Officer
"Life in Post-War Liberia"

Colonel Rod Yeager, USAF (ret.) 
"Global Geo-politics: Intelligence and the War on Terror"  (Graduate of UCM)

Dr. Keshav Bhattarai, UCM
"Changing Political Situations in Nepal"

Dr. Scott Zibell, UCM 
"Aerial Geography"


Global Change Competition
Award winner, Jeffrey Steadman - Geography Awareness Week

Susan Arthurs, "Women in Aviation" 
Former pilot with United Airlines and former instructor of aviation at UCM.

Tony LoChiao, Survivor of German-occupied Italy in World War II
"Understanding World Events"


Randy Vick, UN Law Enforcement Officer
"Kosovo: Restoring the Peace"

Dr. Scott Zibell, UCM
"Central Asia: Wings for the Silk Road?"


Captain Dennis Bergstrazer, Mission Aviation Fellowship
"Living and Flying in Irian Jaya, Indonesia." Visiting Experts in Geography and Aviation Lecture Series.

Dr. Pamela Dyer. "Field Research in Australia"
University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, Australia.

"Caring for our Public Lands" 
James Sanders, Superintendent of the Truman Site, and Kathy Cooper, Missouri Conservationist.  Geography Awareness Week.


"Careers in Geography: Urban Planning"
Panel discussion by Elizabeth Lucas-Tejeda, Jesse Baker, David Neff (Graduates of UCM), and Jeanine Rann.  Moderated by Barbara Carroll. Geography Awareness Week.


"Careers in Geography" 
Panel discussion by Dr. Michael Jinks, James Ellis (Graduates of UCM), Steve Fox, and student interns Jesse Baker, Elizabeth Lucas, and Jac Lyn Carlson.  Geography Awareness Week


Professor Kit Salter, University of Missouri-Columbia
"Geography: Change and Challenge."  Geography Awareness Week