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2017-2018 International Student - Estimated Cost of Attendance

This cost calculator is designed to provide you with an estimation of your costs to attend the University of Central Missouri. Costs for personal expenses and dependents are not included in the estimates below. Note that some additional programs have differential tuition and/or additional fee requirements. Please also note that all tuition and fees are subject to change annually. If you are uncertain about your specific program's costs, contact your program directly.


Graduate (UCM - Lee's Summit - $340.25/hour)
Graduate (UCM - Lee's Summit: Computer Science - $390.25/hour)
Graduate (UCM - Lee's Summit: Computer Information Systems - $390.25/hour)
Graduate (UCM - Lee's Summit: MS in ESTL - $463.90/hour)
Graduate (main campus - $584.70/hour)
Undergraduate (main campus - $442.00/hour)

Semester Room & Board Costs

Double Occupancy Room and Meal Plan

Approximate # of Credit Hours (9 avg for Graduate, 15 avg for Undergraduate)

Scholarships & Financial Aid Received Per Semester


To convert your estimated total to your local currency, use the currency converter.

Some programs also require additional fees, check with each department. The University of Central Missouri's Board of Governors may alter fees at any time.

Students enrolled in nine or more hours will pay $371.70 in general fees and $73.05 in technology fees per semester. Students taking fewer than nine hours will pay $24.78 in general fees and $4.87 in technology fees per credit hour.

Cost Worksheet

Semester Costs
Instructional Fees $0.00
General Fees $0.00
Technology Fees $0.00
Textbook Costs $0.00
Residence Hall $0.00
Meal Plan $0.00
TOTAL $0.00
Subtract Scholarships $0.00
International Student Fee $100.00

Based on your entries, your estimated ANNUAL TOTAL is $100.00

A $50 new student fee will be charged to all incoming students on their first bill.